Egg advance is now live!

Empowering millions of global easter egg hunters to win easter

Every year 100s of millions of people all over the globe participate in easter egg hunts, averaging approximately 10 eggs per hunt. Typically eggs are collected on an annual basis, which means a potential 364 day lag period before eggs can be collected. This also means these eager hunters aren’t getting the benefit of their eggs during that time. Even worse, eager hunters take the risk their hunt may be cancelled.

To alleviate all this anxiety and based on MASSIVE demand Qwil is pleased to announce Egg Advance®, an on-demand egg advancing platform that empowers egg hunters with their eggs before the hunt.

Sign up takes mere minutes and simply requires a verified home address so we know where to send your eggs. Once you sign up you’ll be scheduled for an interview with a master hunter who will assess your level of egg seeking prowess as part of our underwriting process. A typical hunter will get some amount of egg advance as a % of their likely catch. For example, if we think you’ll find 10 eggs we may advance you 9. You only ever owe Qwil for the eggs we advance (there are never any hidden eggspences).

You may be eligible for Qwil to perform the hunt for you as well, in which case we send you eggs, one of our master hunters performs the hunt and you just enjoy a day of relaxation. If our master hunter wins more eggs than you would have won we will even send you the difference!

We’ve secured some HUGE channel partnerships and endorsements for this program as well:

This is a massive win for hunters everywhere. There’s no reason why you should wait for your eggs
— Literally the Easter Bunny

We also helped these people literally win Easter in San Francisco:

With Egg Advance I dominated at least 12 different easter egg hunts and attended none of them! I’ve displayed my trophies prominently so the neighbors know who the master hunter is
— The owner of the home shown in the picture

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Happy hunting!